Success Stories


Lost 5lbs & gained healthy habits on the 7 Day Challenge

"So this is me...a middle aged guy that has just hit one of those landmark birthdays that we all dread. I travel extensively with work so eating is often a case of grabbing anything I can at irregular hours as I pass thru an airport departure lounge or a London mainline railway station. And I like wine. And chocolate. Despite all that, I wasn’t too badly out of shape and at 83.5kg and only slightly over the ideal weight of 80kg for a six foot male.


Flicking thru Facebook, a friend had shared Denise’s 7 day challenge advert and I thought…“Why not, let’s give the system a kick start and see how close I can get to that ideal 80kg”.


One week on, the program has just finished and I am down at 81.1 kg, with that 2.4kg loss (5.3 lbs) meaning Denise’s program exceeded what it said it would deliver. And the measurement around my belly has gone down by 1.5”. As blokes, any excess fat seems to concentrate there, so I am obviously delighted with that too.


Along the way I have learned new ways and new healthy recipes that I will definitely use again. Not every day - I fully intend to devour a fillet steak with red wine this weekend, but by increasing the regularity that I do eat healthily (whilst cutting back on the booze) then that will see the obvious long term benefits. Thanks Denise!"


Lost 11.5lbs over 3 weeks on on the 7 Day Challenge

"I really enjoyed the 7 Day Challenge. I lost 4lbs in the first week and repeated it again for a second week and lost 7.5lbs in total! I then went on holiday and was better than I would normally be but not great and gained 2lbs. I am just at the end of my 3rd week on the diet and have lost 9.5lbs in total (11.5 if you count the addition 2 I had to lose)! 


My eczema has cleared up, my stomach feels so much more comfortable - no bloating or discomfort. I feel not only like I have more energy but happier. I need to lose quite a bit of weight and I feel like I have the tools to do it, while looking after myself rather than starving."


Lost 7 lbs & feeling great on the 7 Day Challenge

"As far as challenges go, that felt more like a retreat! Delicious and fresh meals and snacks that never left me hungry along with the mediation, morning routine and exercise were a perfect combination for getting healthy and feeling great! It has never been so easy to lose half a stone in 7 days and not feel like I was dieting but just eating tasty, good nutritious meals and snacks and drinking lots of water!
Thank you tons Denise, always great healthy ways to feel better, look better and live better!"

"The whole thing was enlightening! The fact that you could eat so much food and still lose weight, safe in the knowledge that all foods are healthy and going to benefit me in so many ways. Even the title of the plan is a psychological incentive because it only lasts for 7 days, and then once you get started you realise how much more energetic you feel, eating healthy, delicious and varied recipes which leads on to continuing with such a great eating plan."


Lost 3.75 lbs​ with more energy on the 7 Day Challenge


Lost 4lbs & lifestyle changes on the 7 Day Challenge

"This challenge gave me the kick start I needed to make the healthier choices in my life. I’m a changed woman. Cooking healthy meals and even now growing my own herbs to add to the meals! I feel leaner and cleaner. Highly recommended."

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