Qest 4 Health Testing

Why book a health test with Denise?

The purpose of the test is to empower you, inspire you and motivate you to change your patterns, habits and thinking. It will encourage the you to make better informed choices in order to create greater health and wellbeing. This could come in the form of increased energy, more mental clarity, balanced hormones, stronger immunity, better digestive health etc. You will be amazed what can be overcome with natural whole foods and the correct Nutrition.


Denise has over 12 years of clinical experience and states that, without doubt, the most empowering and motivating things people experience after getting a personalised health and wellbeing plan is taking control of their own health.

REMEMBER: YOU are in charge of your body. No one else. Just you! It’s your responsibility to look after it.

Often, I see patients in my clinics when they have been given a poor diagnosis of some description. The one thing that I have learnt over the years, is that PREVENTION IS FAR BETTER THAN A CURE!


LISTEN to your body’s warning signals. Your body is extremely intelligent and WILL try its best to warn you if something is going wrong with symptoms such as pain, discomfort, inflammation, low mood and lack of energy. Listen to the warning signals and seek help to re balance the body.


What is the Qest 4 machine?


The basic theory behind the Qest4 machine is that the body is made of energy matter.

As we go through life, we get blockages, either through toxins, emotional traumas etc, and we get depleted, stuck and sometimes the disease process begins.

The Qest4 simply detects where those challenges/blockages are in the body, reading the energy flows (in a similar way to acupuncture) and works on releasing those blockages to allow the body to re-balance.

With Nutrition and energy balancing, it’s such a powerful tool to help keep the body in the best condition possible and/or help where disease/blockages are already present.

Of course, we come up against environmental and internal challenges all the time but this device helps diminish those issues and give the body its own power back.

Using the energetic drops and laser treatment that each person gets individually is incredibly powerful and can sometimes work within minutes.

This can be pain management, hormone balancing, sleep restoring, anxiety help, etc etc. The list is endless.



Completed a Qest4

Health Consultation

"I first discovered Denise Kelly by reading her weekly article in the Chichester Post where she writes a column on nutrition and lifestyle to advise readers how to protect themselves from our prevalent bad habits. Denise’s articles are freshly written, focusing on a single theme which make it is easy to assimilate and implement her advice to build new habits.

Now Denise is providing consultations of about an hour and half based on the use of a Qest4 health scanner. This is an energetic non-invasive, hand-held scanner. It is not like a smart scales in the gym that tests your body fat and BMI, etc. The Qest4 provides an advanced and detailed health examination used by GPs in the States. It gives Denise an array of information of one’s health such as the condition of your blood, how well your organs are functioning and aids Denise on advising to protect against any health challenges that are indicated and which you may have been experiencing.


The display on Qest4’s computer printout shows Denise and the client, almost immediately, deficiencies and toxins, muscle strength, blood condition, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, inflammation in the body, ear, eye, kidney, ears, liver, lung, bladder conditions, inflammation, etc.


As a result of my short but fascinating consultation the Qest4 indicated, amongst a host of other detail, I had some inflammation of the prostrate, a depressed dopamine level and consequential mood and my tooth cleaning could be improved. Amazing!


I have recently had to urinate more often and wondered why; my partner has had a stroke which explains my depressed mood and my dental hygienist is always telling me to be more patient with my teeth cleaning. The Qest4 found out all this in less than a couple of hours. Find a GP who can do that!


And with the advice how to reduce any inflammation and to boost dopamine by increasing my intake of omega-3 by including cold pressed seed oils, including ginger, turmeric and anti-inflammatory supplements and by reducing fried food, processed food and saturated fats; a charcoal based tooth paste would improve my teeth cleaning." 


Completed a Qest4

Health Consultation

"I attended an appointment with Denise recently to have a general health check with her Qest4 machine. I had no idea what to expect although Denise did send me information about her machine prior my appointment. 

Denise was very professional and very knowledgeable about the test and explained everything in full prior to commencing. Denise took a full medical and lifestyle history. She was non judgemental about my lifestyle choices.  

The test itself was quick and painless! Once again Denise went through all the results in full and was very reassuring to me when the machine picked up particular issues. 

The issues picked up by the machine were amazing. Some of the ailments, like a troublesome wisdom tooth, I already knew about, and a problematic shoulder. But, it also highlighted to me and Denise other areas in my body that needed some help to almost “reset”.  

Denise, and her machine, look at you from a holistic approach, which I like. Our body works as one, therefore needs to be treated as such.

I received a very informative book to which Denise added her recommendations, from diet, to superfoods, to some homeopathic remedies. The machine also managed to recommend an exercise regime to suit my body and its current needs. 

Overall I would highly recommend Denise and Qest4 test if you are looking for a holistic approach to your health from someone who is passionate about hers and your health. 

Since having the test, Denise has been in touch several times supporting me whilst I start on some of her recommendations. I have been using them now for 2 weeks and already notice a difference in how I feel and look.

Thank you Denise for all your kind, non judgmental, supportive ongoing help." 

Health is the key to life…because life is for thriving, not just surviving!

Book a health consultation with Denise today :)

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