Diet Plans

Give yourself a kick-start with our '7 Day Challenge' or start making lifelong good habits with our 'Good Health For Life' (coming soon!).


My diet plans are built to be easy to follow with all natural ingredients and packed with superfoods. I'll be on hand to help you every step of the way and pass on my tips and tricks for a healthy, happy life!


Do you want to kick-start your Summer body into shape with whole foods and achievable goals? This is 7 days of delicious healthy recipes, along with a daily exercise video, meditation tape and morning routine to get you feeling fabulous. Most people lose at least 4lbs on this challenge!

$50 one-off payment


Each month you will receive delicious recipes, exercise routines, meditation tapes and Denise's tips and tricks for a happy and healthy life. Whether you're looking to build more healthy habits or lose weight (and keep it off!) this will help keep you on track towards your goal.

$30 per month

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